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Prepaid Cards Vs Postpaid Plans: Which is More Practical?

Filled under: Lifestyle Saving 
Prepaid Card vs Postpaid Plan
Which offers more savings? Balancing your budget surely involves your cellphone bill whether you are using the prepaid SIM cards or postpaid plans. It is rare to find a person in the metro who doesn’t use a phone, especially that 60 million Filipinos are internet users. Some even have two mobile phones. It is no... Read More

Kyah Pembarya! Should You Give Money to Street Children?

Filled under: Lifestyle 
Anti-Mendicancy Law
Whenever I see girls and boys… Christmas is around the corner. And so expect an increasing number of street children. Street children begging for loose change are all over the metro. They come in various forms with different tactics to tug your heartstrings. Some ride jeepneys to give out envelopes and wipe the passengers’ feet.... Read More

7 Practical Ways to Fight Money Depression

Filled under: Lifestyle 
how to fight financial deppression
Is financial stress bogging you down lately? We all go through financial problems every once in a while. Over the years, people with long-term financial stress even spiral down to depression. They get sucked up with the feeling of unhappiness, self-pity, anger, or even self-guilt. I had hard days when I needed to go back... Read More

10 Frugal Living Hacks in Metro Manila

Filled under: Lifestyle Saving 
frugal living hacks in metro manila
Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? If you are employed in any companies in Metro Manila, you may already know the struggle of sticking to your budget. No matter how much salary increase you get, it is always difficult to save up. Worst, you dried up your salary a few days before the next payday.... Read More

10 Biggest Credit Card Mistakes Filipinos Usually Do

Filled under: Lifestyle 
Credit Card Guide for First Time Users
Credit cards were designed for the shoppers’ convenience. However, these plastic cards also carry a lot of risks. A small slip can turn your finances into chaos. Thus, you should always keep in mind that “prevention is better than cure.” Here are the 10 most common credit card mistakes to watch out for. Taking a cash... Read More



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