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5 Misconceptions About the Solo Parent ID

Filled under: Family Saving 
Being a parent is not easy. And doing it solo makes it harder. No matter what’s the reason, a single parent can use a helping hand, especially for their children’s finances. This is why the Solo Parent Act was passed in 2000. However, until now there are a lot of misconceptions about the Solo Parent... Read More

Can a Housewife Actually Apply for a Loan?

Filled under: Borrow Family 
(Updated March 22, 2017) They say being a mom is working 24/7 with no salary and no day off. One of the challenging part of being a housewife is trying to budget her husband’s income. It is a wonder how they can stretch the money despite some unforeseen needs. Children suddenly get sick, bills and... Read More

6 Easy Steps to Compute your SSS Maternity Benefit

Filled under: Family 
(Updated March 22, 2017) Ready to welcome your baby to this world? When you think of getting ready for your bundle of joy, do not just consider being emotionally ready. Ask yourself if you are financially ready. Having a baby means you have to stop working and take care of your child for the first few... Read More

10 Smart Money Saving Tips for Young Newly Married Couples

Filled under: Family Lifestyle Saving 
(Updated March 22, 2017) When you got married, you get the feeling of “love can conquer all.” Then bills, daily needs, monthly rents and perhaps old debts creeps into your home to give you nightmares. Well, you are not alone. Marriage is a love and money balancing act (plus a roller coaster ride of emotions).... Read More



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