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Complete Guide to PhilHealth Contribution 2018

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Filipinos have been using the services of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) as their basic health insurance. It is affordable and serves as the usual means to settle medical expenses for the Filipinos with average to no income. After three (3) years of no corresponding increase in premium contributions, PhilHealth announced its adjustments for the... Read More

How to Compute Your 13th Month Pay in Philippines?

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How to Compute 13th Month Pay
It’s that time of the year again! Most of us are excited about Christmas celebrations, getaway vacations, and (of course) the 13th month pay! And why not? This means we are getting extra cash for Noche Buena, gifts to mga inaanak and a chance to make that planned vacation into reality. What is 13th Month... Read More

5 Financial Questions Before Becoming a Full-Time Freelancer

Filled under: Career 
Financial Questions Before Becoming a Full Time Freelancer
Are you ready to be a full-time freelancer? When your freelance work provides an income close to your full-time job’s pay, it is tempting to consider leaving the latter for a work-from-home opportunity. Who wouldn’t love taking control over his or her own time? You can work and take a break anytime you want. Work... Read More

Top 10 Money Saving Ideas for Low-Income Workers

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Save Money Even With a Low Salary Job
“Isang kahig, isang tuka.” Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) revealed that 86 percent of Filipinos don’t have bank accounts. One of the main reasons is not having enough money to open and keep one. A lot of Filipinos think they cannot save for the simple fact that they have low income. If you go through various... Read More

Must-Read Details on Citibank Personal Loan

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Personal loans are your financial lifelines. Living in the Philippines, most Filipinos get loans for various purposes. It could be for medical emergencies, education, or your long awaited vacation with the whole family. Utang is part of our culture. And this is why there is a vast type of loans offered by banks and money... Read More



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